Vegetable dishes

Sajoer lodeh

Dish of crispy vegetables Including bamboo shoots, green beans, cabbage and carrots in a fragrant coconut broth

€ 4,75

Sajoer assembly

Crispy goentengerecht of including beans, cabbage, young baby corn, peanuts`s in a fragrant tamarind broth

€ 4,75

Gado gado

Cold dish of vegetables blanched vegetables topped with lettuce, hard boiled egg, peanut sauce and garnished with emping

€ 7,25


Tofu cubes and fresh bean sprouts topped with a spicy soy sauce and toppedwith pieces of crispy crackers

€ 7,25

Orak arik

Stir fried dish of julienned carrots, green beans and cabbage mixed withpieces of omelette, garlic and herbs

€ 7,25


Fresh vegetables dish mixed with a spicy coconut grater

€ 7,25

Toemis “Garuda”

Stir fried dish of greeting such as snow peas, cabbage, peppers and chicken

€ 8,25